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HTA Path

The HTA-path is first specialized and health economics and outcomes initiative in the Middle East region within Pi Pharma Intelligence and it provides consulting and analytical studies in health care projects in all disciplines.

What is the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) ?

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What We Do

Designing and executing value-based health care projects.

We help stakeholders design and execute projects that are aimed at maximizing value in healthcare, from improved patient outcomes to cost-saving measures.

Providing Multi-Scenario Recommendations

We provide actionable insights through multi-scenario analyses that cater to a range of stakeholders, from healthcare providers to policymakers. These insights are particularly crucial for making data-driven decisions in HTA Pharma.

Collaborating with Research Communities Globally

We maintain strong partnerships with national, regional, and international outcome research communities. These extensive collaborations not only enrich our perspectives but also ensure that our recommendations in HTA Pharma are backed by the most current, credible, and comprehensive data available.

Importance of HTA

The Importance of HTA in Pharma

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a cornerstone in the pharmaceutical sector, offering critical insights that influence healthcare policy, regulatory guidelines, and market entry. At HTA-Path, we specialize in this multidimensional evaluation to empower stakeholders in making informed decisions.

Objective Assessment for Effective Solutions

HTA offers an evidence-based approach to evaluating healthcare technologies and interventions. This objectivity ensures that only cost-effective and clinically efficacious solutions make it to market, aligning with healthcare providers, payers, and policymakers' needs.

Regulatory & Market Strategy

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is simpler with HTA's comprehensive data-driven insights. These analyses are vital in shaping market entry strategies, making sure your pharmaceutical solutions not only enter but sustain in competitive markets.

Our clients

The HTA path provides its services globally to all health care sectors and stakeholders, with a special focus on the Middle Eastern countries.

Ministries of Health

We work closely with Ministries of Health to shape public health policies and optimize healthcare expenditure. Our HTA insights help governments make evidence-based decisions that ensure the well-being of their citizens.

Drug Approval Agencies

For drug approval agencies, the value of HTA can't be overstated. Our assessments help streamline the approval process by identifying the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of new pharmaceuticals.

Insurance Companies

Insurance providers benefit from our services to evaluate the financial implications of adding new treatments to their plans. We provide the data required to make informed decisions on coverage.

Pharmaceutical Firms

Pharmaceutical companies use our HTA services to guide R&D priorities, clinical trials, and market strategies. Our assessments help in identifying the unmet needs and potential roadblocks in the market.

Healthcare Consulting Agencies

Consulting firms utilize our services to offer their clients actionable insights on market entry, risk assessment, and healthcare policy recommendations.

Academic and Public Research Organizations

For academia and public research bodies, our HTA insights help in shaping research priorities, facilitating grant applications, and influencing public health studies.

Why Choose HTA-Path for Your HTA Pharma Needs?

Expertise in the MENA Region

With a focus on the Middle East and North Africa, we offer an in-depth understanding of local healthcare systems, regulations, and market dynamics.

Multi-Scenario Recommendations

We provide multi-scenario recommendations that cater to all stakeholders. Our analyses offer both clinical and economic perspectives.

Collaborating with Research Communities Globally

We have strong partnerships with national, regional, and global outcome research communities, ensuring you get the most current, credible, and comprehensive data.

Services for Diverse Sectors

Whether you're in the pharmaceutical industry, a consulting firm, or academia, our services cater to a broad array of healthcare sectors.

Value-Based Healthcare Projects

We don’t just provide data; we create value. Our projects are designed to evaluate clinical efficiency and economic impact, offering a well-rounded view for decision-making.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

We adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 standards for quality management, ensuring reliable, high-quality solutions. By choosing HTA-Path, you opt for a partner that offers actionable, data-driven, and context-sensitive insights to drive your healthcare projects to success.

Take the Next Step with Us

For those interested in optimizing their healthcare initiatives through evidence-based insights, HTA-Path is your go-to partner in HTA Pharma. We invite you to get in touch with our team for further discussions on how we can assist you in meeting your healthcare goals within the scope of HTA Pharma.

To delve deeper into how HTA-Path can fortify your strategies in the HTA Pharma domain, feel free to contact us today for a comprehensive consultation.