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  • Why Pi Insight

Pi Insight is beyond an analytical tool, its strength relies on exclusive, accurate, reliable, and updated data in Middle East & North Africa region.

Empower your decision making process, risk response, and business planning capabilities by accessing updated reports on market dynamics and constraints by utilizing our expertise and accessing more than 30,000 medicinal drugs profiles and 2,000 companies' portfolio across Middle East & North Africa Region.

Pi Insight is an online platform where many insights are created in a simple and fast way, these insights are built on standard, integrated, and harmonized data set from different markets to enable strategic decisions confidently by:

  • Tracking your corporate portfolio regulatory updates in the MENA region
  • Tracking your competitors portfolio regulatory updates in the region
  • Obtaining strategic insights on the market landscape in the region
    • Tracking new rivals products in different markets and therapy areas
    • Tracking new generic entrants in the market
    • Tracking novel products in the market
    • Tracking portfolio acquisitions and product supply changes
    • Tracking product prices changes
  • Identifying risks on your portfolio and market access constraints
    • Identifying new patent publication in MENA region
    • Tracking patent publication and status in MENA region
    • Identifying new patent applications in MENA region
    • Tracking patent applications and status in MENA region
    • Identifying & tracking market and data exclusivity in MENA Region
  • Conducting quick due diligence of players in the region

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  • Coverage
  • Performance

Pi Insight cover extraordinary range of data in key markets in Middle East & North Africa that enables you to take right decisions fast on your investment portfolio and anticipate risks once they occur

Key Markets:

  • Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Algeria
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bahrain
  • Jordan, and Others

Key Data & Reports:

  • Medicine Prices & Benchmark Report
  • Price Fluctuations
  • Intellectual Property & Market Protections
    • Patents
    • Patent Applications
    • Market & Data Exclusivity
  • Product Regulatory Changes

Perform quickly with confidence by accessing reliable and accurate data easily

Pi Insight will enable you to deal with big amount of data and information in fast, direct, and easy way.

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Pi Insight is the first business and regulatory intelligence platform that specifically targets Middle East & North Africa region, with Pi Insight you are able to quickly Capture market and regulatory dynamics Discover opportunities Mitigate risks, and Make right decision in markets where data is not accessible or accurate.

Our Methodology guarantees that our clients will have access to data with a high level of integrity, compliance and applicability to their day to day operations
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