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About ​Pi

Pi Pharma Intelligence, an emerging start up that aims to be the standard and fastest growing pharmaceuticals service provider company in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

We have a breakthrough mission for the future of the generic pharmaceuticals community by building a unique platform, high performance products as well as offering best-in-class and standardized data.

Pi Pharma Intelligence bridges the new technology with the pharmaceuticals industry to enable transformation and decision making processes by organizing the pharmaceuticals information and makeing it accessible and in application.

Our Belief

Today, the economic, political as well as regulatory uncertainties across the MENA region have an impact on the industry outlook. The investment portfolio is subject to  these imposed uncertainties, and thus this requires efficiency in decision making processes, digital transformation, and innovative approaches to reduce risk on these investment as well as increase rate of returns. Pi was founded to address this challenge.

Industry Outlook

Inaccurate, inaccessible and inconsistent data in the MENA region

Scarce resources to cope with the increasingly challenging business needs

Dry pipeline and difficulty to inject new products

Fragmented and unstable business network

Political instability in the region

Information technology infrastructure is not utilized and costly to operate

Opportunity. Knowledge. Power

Opportunity: We bring technology and industry together to create greater opportunity

Pi utilizes open-sources technologies to address industry needs; enabling decision making process; maximizing portfolio value; knowing competition ahead; and assessing market-dynamic changes.

Knowledge: We believe knowledge is power

Innovation is driven by sharing of knowledge. Sharing requires a unified communication and exchange of standardized set of data, and knowledge is built up on information that is driven by data. In Pi, we invest in creating a state of-the-art platform that enables our customers to exchange information, anticipate market-dynamics that impacts their portfolios, and take decisions with confidence.

Power: We know application and performance are yet more powerful

Application of the knowledge and the performance to capture market-dynamics are more powerful. This motivates Pi to build a culture and values as well as take actions that break the boundaries for a new innovation in the region.

Our Values

First in Class, Standardized Data

Pi has a unique set of data assets in the Middle East and North Africa Region that can be integrated easily based on your business need.


Our team has a profound experience and know-how in the MENA pharmaceuticals market and manufacturing.

Passion to grow

We are passionate and devoted to solve current industry challenges and enable the digital transformation in the MENA region.


We are committed to provide services to our clients and partner with high level of integrity

Our Clients